Kendall Jenner and Charlie Day Face Off in Charades on 'Tonight Show'

Courtesy of NBC/YouTube

The teams went into the final round in a tie.

On Tuesday's Tonight Show, Kendall Jenner and Jimmy Fallon teamed up to compete against actor Charlie Day and announcer Steve Higgins in a game of charades.

Day was up first with Seal's "Kiss From a Rose" song to act out, followed by Fallon's gestures mimicking The Matrix. While both teams scored points, the game went a little downhill.

Higgins struggled with Bambi as Day tried to work out what the signal was for syllables. For "Hit Me Baby One More Time," Jenner tried to smack herself but Fallon was finding it difficult to come up with the word "hit."

The showdown round entry was March of the Penguins and only one team successfully pulled it off. Watch below to see who won.