Kendall Jenner Upstaged by Choupette For 'Vogue'

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Kendall Jenner

Damn, that's a pretty cat.

Vogue's epic September issue continues to reveal itself in all its fashionable glory. Not only does Her Flawlessness (a.k.a. Beyonce) star on the glossy's cover and in an accompanying video, but countless celebs make an appearance in a spread revealed Monday called, "The Most Powerful Names in Fashion Today." 

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While we're not at all surprised to find Kendall Jenner among the stars, it was her fellow model, Karl Lagerfeld's millionaire cat Choupette, that truly made our heads turn. The beautiful white feline basically upstaged Jenner — whose bobbed hair and full-lace collar brought to mind an eighteenth century Dutch boy — looking luminous, almost airbrushed, as she reclined by Jenner's side on a pristine white chaise lounge. We assume it must be her two personal maids that keep her look so fresh. 


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Also making an appearance in the spread is Riccardo Tisci and muse Beyonce (because more Bey, please), who was rumored to be the new face of the line when paparazzi photos from the Vogue shoot surfaced a few months ago. Turns out the two are just fabulous friends doing a casual photoshoot for the September issue. But of course.


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