Kendall Jenner Encourages Millennials to Vote With New Video

Kendall Jenner MTV Movie Awards GETTY - H 2016
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Voting is in fashion.

Voting can be stylish — this according to mega model Kendall Jenner

The 20-year-old put her modeling prowess to good use in a video for the Independent Journal Review and Rock the Vote, in which she visually represented three generations of youths of America's past, starting with 1971 (the year 18-year-olds were granted the right to vote), fast-forwarding to 1992 (when young voter turnout rose thanks to new media) and finishing with 2008 and 2012, when 20 million Millennials cast their ballots. 

The thirty-second clip was posted on the first day of the Democratic National Convention — timing that was likely not a coincidence considering Jenner herself has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president since February, when she posted a photo of herself in an Anna Wintour-approved Hillary 2016 top by Marc Jacobs.

Jenner hails from a family divided when it comes to politics, however. Just this past week, Caitlyn Jenner made an appearance at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland to show that trans interests and conservative interests don't need to be mutually exclusive. Big sister Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, is on #TeamHillary. The starlet posted a selfie with Clinton and Kanye West last year