The Designer Behind Kendall Jenner's Chic Specs Speaks on the Trendsetting Style

Kendall Jenner - P 2015
Photo by Beretta/Sims/REX Shutterstock

L.A.-based designer Garrett Leight gives us the 411 on the model's new must-have eye frames.

Model-of-the-moment Kendall Jenner stepped out during Paris Fashion Week in a pair of attention-grabbing eyeglasses. Ironically, it's what wasn’t there that photographers and bloggers are clamoring for.

The oversize glasses  — thin, light white frames and completely clear lenses by Garrett Leight California Optical — are reminiscent of a 1970s movie director's frames meets Gloria Steinem's signature specs, and overall draw a stark contrast to the heavy, black rectangular frames Jenner is usually snapped wearing on the street.

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The style is sure to spawn some Jenner fans sporting giant clear frames (whether or not they have prescription lenses) and that’s just fine, because she looks totally adorable in her new accessory, using the large, light-colored glasses at the center of her statement-making style (cue the copycats).

Here, founder and designer of the brand behind Jenner's specs, Garrett Leight, shares his thoughts on the model's choice in eyewear and why, in this case, Kiefer Sutherland’s onscreen style serves as major inspiration.

What was your inspiration behind the "Palms" glasses in gold-butterscotch that Kendall Jenner is sporting?

I was actually inspired by Kiefer Sutherland's character in the movie Freeway. The shape is different, but the general feeling is the same. There are just so many acetate frames available, I wanted to create something different, but possibly for the same customer.

Is it an older style or custom-made for Kendall?

It is actually an older style from about three seasons ago. I think it was a little early because at the time it didn't catch on. But it feels like now people are gravitating toward these kinds of styles.

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Are you seeing more oversize optical as a trend?

Yes, it seems to be going back that way. That's where it was when I was designing my collection in 2009. Then it sort of went away. It's crazy that a trend has already come and gone and is now coming again all within the time I launched my collection.

You do a lot of light and white milky frames — why is this color (or lack of color) flattering to the face?

I love light-colored frames because they somehow have the ability to blend in but also stand out. The subtle touch of color is an interesting look and I've always liked the versatility on many skin tones.

The Palms glasses in Gold-Butterscotch ($310) are available at