Hollywood's Red-Carpet Hairstylists Weigh in on Balmain Wigs at #PFW

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Models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner at the Balmain afterparty.

Balmain blunder or brilliance? Lady Gaga, Kerry Washington and Tina Fey's hair gurus decide.

Spotted: Models Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley working the Balmain catwalk with wigs that looked so real (kudos to the hairstylist responsible, Sam McKnight) that fans needed to know the deets — real or not? Not real.

And faster than you can say "Raquel Welch," wigs are suddenly the hottest thing trending, thanks to the #BalmainArmy hair swap. And why not? "It can give you a different personality instantly," says Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, Kerry Washington’s hairstylist, who used extensions on the Scandal star for the Oscars. Plus, she adds, you can drastically change hair color without the damage. Not to mention, the bonus of no commitment to a cut, color or texture that you may not want 24-7.

So what do the pros have to say about the Paris fashion week wigs? Sturdivant-Drew, Richard Marin (Tina Fey’s hairstylist) and Frederic Aspiras (Lady Gaga’s mane man, so yah, he knows wigs), give their professional analysis of the looks — is it worth wigging out over them?

Kendall Jenner

Marin: "This really works — A+ on the darker root with blonde hair. And now she knows she can pull this off if she chooses to go light."

Aspiras: "She looks hot and wild. She’s the rock star coming home at 7 a.m."

Sturdivant-Drew: "She reminds me of a sexy Elsa from Frozen. I love the blonde on her, but it ages her a little."


Gigi Hadid

Aspiras: "She’s confident and strong! And doesn’t give two cents what anyone thinks, ‘cause she’ll kick your ass."

Marin: "She looks stunning with her natural hair color!"

Sturdivant-Drew: "This is giving a very ‘boho ho’ look. It’s not chic, but it’s still cute."


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 

Aspiras: "This is mysterious, sexy and a little bit dangerous. She might even carry a gun in her new Gucci purse!"

Sturdivant-Drew: "This is a very goth look for her. And the hair hides all of her beautiful features."

Marin: "Not the best choice of color. Red would make her even hotter … if that’s even possible."