See Kendall Jenner as a Suffragette in New Rock the Vote Video

Kendall Jenner - H 2015
Photo by Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx

Who knew she had a political streak?

She made news yesterday for her nipple-piercing, and now Kendall Jenner is the star of a new suffragette-themed video for Rock the Vote that dropped Tuesday, which appropriately is National Voter Registration Day.

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The first video in what apparently will be a series produced by Independent Journal Review opens with the fashion model and reality star dressed in quite the unfashionable ensemble: a giant hat, muted floral dress and dowdy oversized coat. But that’s the point. In a voiceover, she talks about how we vote and express our opinions every day online, via likes and hashtags, and then goes into a brief history of suffragettes.

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As she stands, her old-fashioned clothes are stripped off and replaced with a modern-day ripped tee, while her hair and makeup are retouched, and, ultimately, she returns to her normal, pretty self. The conclusion: “I’m Kendall Jenner, I’m 19, and I’m here to rock the vote.” Begs the question: Does her video make you want to register?