Kendall Jenner Sued Over 'Pizza Boys' Radio Show

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She also allegedly took the slogan "In Crust We Trust."

Los Angeles art collective Pizzaboyzzz is suing Kendall Jenner over her radio show.

'The lawsuit filed May 3 in federal court in the Southern District of New York alleges that Jenner’s Apple Beats 1 station called 'Pizza Boys' infringes on the collective’s trademarked name. It states that Jenner and her DJ friend Daniel Chetrit filed two intent-to-use trademark applications last fall to use the name "Pizza Boys" for clothing and their online radio show, which resulted in a cease-and-desist letter from the brand in April (the first episode of the radio show was released April 13). Now, Pizzaboyzzz is suing Jenner, Chetrit and Apple, claiming there is confusion in the marketplace.

Street artist Robert Karageuzian formed the Pizzaboyz collective in 2013, changing the name to Pizzaboyzzz in 2015. Pizzaboyzzz makes shirts, pins, backpacks and other items featuring pizza motifs.

The company says Chetrit and Jenner were spotted wearing their own Pizza Boys-branded clothing, and they hosted a VIP booth at Coachella with a Pizza Boys banner and stickers. Pizzaboyzzz alleges these actions “sparked outrage and confusion among consumers” that was “accelerated" by their “celebrity status,” according to the lawsuit obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

When Jenner visited Joe’s Pizza in New York to promote her new project, the pizza shop’s Instagram mistakenly tagged @pizzaboyzzz, an example of confusion that can arise, the suit states.

Allegedly, Jenner’s @pizzaboys Instagram account also used the slogan “In Crust We Trust” in its bio, which is the trademarked slogan of the Pizzaboyzzz brand. THR has reached out to Jenner for comment.

Pizzaboyzzz issued a cease-and-desist letter to Jenner and her team April 16, asking Pizza Boys to withdraw the trademark application and stop using the name when it can cause confusion.

Sam P. Israel is representing Pizzaboyzzz in the suit, which asks for a preliminary and permanent injunction against using the trademark or similar names, including Pizza Boys, as well as undisclosed damages.

“All our client is interested in is maintaining his trademark and the goodwill attendant to it," Israel said in a statement. "We sought assurances by way of a firm enforceable commitment by Jenner and company that they would withdraw their trademark applications and destroy competing goods bearing the mark, and instead they offered to pay our client to use the mark a price equivalent to the cost of an ice-cream sundae.”

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have previously been sued by a photographer over a photo of Tupac Shakur on a shirt from their Kendall + Kylie label. That lawsuit was dropped.