Kendall Jenner's NYC Calvin Klein Billboard Vandalized By Drone

Drone Graffiti - H 2015

Drone Graffiti - H 2015

Technology, man.

A six-story billboard of Kendall Jenner's Calvin Klein ad was vandalized early Wednesday morning by a remotely operated spray paint-carrying drone. The flying graffiti machine sprayed red paint across the model's face on the ad located at the intersection of Lafayette and East Houston St. in New York City.

The unconventional vandal was started by an artist named KATSU, whose stunt was captured on video and posted to YouTube. Notorious in the world of graffiti for his high-profile vandalism, including a two-story tag on the side of L.A.'s Museum of Contemporary Art (during their graffiti exhibit, ironically), KATSU has been most recently working towards implementing new technology in his work. Hence the drone.

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In an interview with Motherboard earlier this monththe graffiti artist said that the lowering price point of drones make them powerful tools for "crime, vandalism [and] art." KATSU continued, "as an artist and a graffiti writer, I want to push to make the drone a tool that I can use, but it’s also a bit of a statement. You know, I hope that I put enough of the elements together so that I can release this thing soon, in all its open-sourcesness, to allow graffiti writers and other artists around the world to rapidly start experimenting and iterating this and start playing with it."

While it's not the most, um, artistic work we've seen, it definitely makes a statement.