Kendall and Kylie Jenner's Hair Guru Recommends Keeping it Simple for Coachella

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Kendall Jenner

Says Scotty Cunha, "Go with your natural texture."

Celebrity hairstylist Scotty Cunha loves Coachella. 

And so do many of his famous clients. You know, ladies like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, among others. 

But while Cunha is close to devastated that he won't be heading to the desert this weekend for the music festival — he's celebrating his birthday on April 13 and then jetting off to Mexico on Sunday — he did agree to give Pret-a-Reporter tips for how to tame tresses while in the sun-blasted desert.

And surprisingly, he says keep it super simple.

"Go with your natural texture," says Cunha, moments after helping perfect Kylie's hair in a corner of the Sunset Tower during Marie Claire's "Fresh Faces" May issue cover party. "If you have really wavy hair, work with that. If your hair is dusty and dry, go with that."

But he's aware that some women want to add festival-ready flair like braids. Not so fast. 

"Instead of trying to update the braid, try something new and go with dreadlocks," Cunha encourages. "Add fabrics and metal — that's really fun."

You can be sure that Kendall and Kylie will be doing something new. "Coachella is all about Kendall and Kylie," he smiles. "Not just because they are my clients, but because their outfits are always on point and they always start a trend."