Kendall and Kylie's New Collection Is Their Best Yet

Kendall_Kylie_Nordstrom_IG - S 2016

Kendall_Kylie_Nordstrom_IG - S 2016

Says Kendall, "It feels like me right now and what we’ve been working towards. I think we always wanted to get here."

Say what you will about the Kardashian-Jenners and co., but the clan of social media darlings (plus pot-stirring brother Rob) certainly knows how to churn out a best-selling line.

Thanks to momager Kris Jenner, littlest sisters Kendall and Kylie began making a profit off their savvy style and loyal fan base at the ripe ages of 13 and 15, respectively. Following their humble beginnings — Kylie as a spokesmodel for Sears, Kendall for Forever21 — they graduated to a collection at PacSun, and then Topshop. But the pieces always seemed inauthentic — a far cry from their sexy, athleisure-meets-high fashion street style that their combined 100 million-plus Instagram followers look to emulate. 

But finally, five years later, the girls are older, more in control — more mature. And their new label, unbeholden to a specific retailer, reflects that evolved taste. "When our style changes, [the clothing line] changes with us," Kendall tells Pret-a-Reporter during a Nordstrom customer luncheon at West Hollywood's Chateau Marmont on Thursday. "So I think that’s kind of the best part about it; we’re starting in PacSun, which is a younger audience, and then we get into Topshop and it’s a little bit older, and now we’re in Nordstrom and Neiman’s and Saks." 

Gone are the days of excessive fringe and cheesy slogan tees. In their place are a collection of brunch-worthy, midriff-baring separates which seem to borrow elements from of-the-moment brands: openwork embroidery a la Self Portrait, halter necklines with keyhole cutouts a la Zimmermann. And let's not forget stiletto cage heels, the sisters' go-to courtside kicks. 

"It feels like me right now and what we’ve been working towards," adds Kendall, decked out in a gingham crop top and matching trousers, black mules and a wrap-around choker. "I think we always wanted to get here." The elevated looks have an elevated price tag, too, but nothing astronomical: prices vary from $98 for a crop top to $498 for leather sheath dress. 

The burning question on their young fans' minds, of course, is whether the tight pair will continue to work together as Kendall and Kylie, the package deal. As Kendall's career balloons to unthinkable levels of success (when you get your own Vogue special issue, you know you're doing something right), Kylie's lip kits also continue to cause Internet chaos as fans struggle to get their hands on each sell-out shade. "I’m trying to just focus on my cosmetics line and making it the best I can possibly make it," the 18-year-old — sporting a just-dyed blond 'do — said of her primary focus.

"It’s like our one last thing that we keep together," says Kendall of designing with her lil sis. "We used to work a lot together — we’d shoot together, we’d only work together. And now this is like our one last thing that we’re holding on to together because it’s nice to come back."

She adds, "I miss it all the time. When I’m on the road and working by myself I’m like, 'Damn.'"

SISTERS IN STYLE: Kendall and Kylie Jenner in their line Kendall + Kylie. (Photo: Getty Images)