'The Kennedys' Producer Adapting Ken Pisani Novel 'Amp'd' for TV

Courtesy of REELZ
'The Kennedys'

Muse Entertainment plans to turn Emmy-nominated screenwriter Pisani's first novel into a premium cable comedy.

The Kennedys producer Muse Entertainment has nabbed the adaptation rights to Emmy-nominated screenwriter Ken Pisani's debut novel Amp'd, with an eye to turning it into a premium cable comedy.

Pisani is best known for his graphic novel Colonus, and the feature adaptation of his original web comic, Power Groove. He's also co-writing a feature about the Rwandan cycling team with The King's Speech scribe David Seidler.

Pisani will adapt Amp'd for Muse, whose recent credits include miniseries The Kennedys: After Camelot, starring Katie Holmes and Matthew Perry, and transgender drama Bellevue, which stars Anna Paquin and Allen Leech. Amp’d follows Aaron, whose life is derailed after a car accident leads to the amputation of his left arm after he already faced a failed marriage and an unrewarding teaching job.

"Amp’d is a relatable story about feeling incomplete in this world — both figuratively and literally," Muse USA president and executive producer Joel S. Rice said Wednesday in a statement. "But Ken reminds us that even when everything in life has gone to hell, there are still plenty of reasons to laugh."