‘Kennedys’ Stars Defend Controversial Miniseries at Premiere

Mike Sweeney/Reelzchannel

"We just went for it," Katie Holmes says of the film, while Greg Kinnear is relieved the movie didn't end up "in a dusty vault somewhere."

Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear were among the stars who attended the premiere of the controversial miniseries The Kennedys Monday in Beverly Hills.

Before introducing the film, producer Joel Surnow told the audience that “there’s been a lot written about the drama behind this film, but what really matters is what you’re about to see [on the screen],” later adding, “We didn’t know if this was going to sit on a shelf.”

The miniseries was originally intended to air on The History Channel. Surnow, a well-known Hollywood conservative, recently told THR it was killed because of his political views.
It is now airing Apr. 3 on ReelzChannel.
At the premiere, Kinnear, who plays JFK, told BBC News when he heard "it wasn’t going to be broadcast on The History Channel, I didn’t know [what to think] ... I’ve had movies that nobody saw, I supposed it could be a TV show that ended up in a dusty vault somewhere. I really didn’t know what to expect.”
Holmes (who walked the red carpet with husband Tom Cruise) admitted she, too, “was worried” when she heard the History Channel nixed the $30 million project.
“I am so thrilled it did find a home," she said. "There was a lot of work put into this. People felt so passionate about this and worked so hard, so it’s wonderful to be here tonight.”
To prepare for her part, Holmes said, "I started out gathering photos. Then I got books, then I got footage, then I met my dialogue coach. And then I saw Greg ... We just went for it.”