Kenneth Starr's Ex-Stripper Wife Joins 'Wall Street Wives' (Report)

Diane Passage 2010 - P
Neilson Barnard/Getty

Diane Passage filed for divorce from the imprisoned money manager this summer and says "he doesn't get a say" in her participation in the reality series.

Diane Passage, the estranged wife of imprisoned money manager Kenneth Starr, has agreed to participate in the Wall Street Wives reality show currently in development.

The former stripper filed divorce from the federal prisoner this summer.

Starr -- not to be confused with former judge, Bill Clinton investigator and Baylor University judge Ken Starr -- is currently doing time for fraud and money laundering.

Passage is Starr's fourth wife. She told the New York Times she joined Wall Street Wives because "it just seemed like fun. I had heard about it, but I thought it was on the air already."

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Passage adds that she "mentioned" the show to Starr during one of her prison visits but "he doesn't get a say" in whether she does the series or not.

Wall Street Wives is being produced by Devon Fleming. The show has not found a network home and Fleming is still rounding out the cast.

Fleming is, however, happy to have landed Passage for the project. She tells the Times, "She’s got a lot of stuff. She still visits her husband in jail a lot, and she couldn’t be nicer."