Kenny Chesney Fans Upset Over Rescheduled Concert Date Due to Hurricane Irene

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"To expect people who work to get a friday off 2 days before is BULLS---!!!" writes one Facebook user on the country singer's page.

Who cares about a little hurricane? Apparently not some of Kenny Chesney's fans.

The country singer announced Wednesday that he was rescheduling a concert set for this weekend in New England for safety reasons. Chesney was supposed to perform Sunday at Foxboro's Gillette Stadium but will take the stage Friday instead.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center has warned that major storms may occur in the area as a result of Hurricane Irene, and organizers aren’t taking any chances in light of recent concert accidents in Indiana and Belgium that resulted in several fatalities and injuries.

However, the move angered several ticketholders, who took to Chesney's Facebook page to vent their frustration. Among the comments:

Christy Brooks
Completely devastated that you had to move the concert to Friday night versus Sunday at Gillette Stadium. I understand the weather but been waiting all year for this concert as I'm deploying to Afghanistan for a year in only a couple of months. Would have been a great way to leave the states as your my fave country singer of all time.

Karen Duggan
I'm annoyed too and dont mind if its postponed a little bit but to expect people who work to get a friday off 2 days before is BULLS---!!! ... Sunday is a BAD idea but to expect ppl to scramble with work and life schedules 2 days before is a bit much. even if he came back in a month like many artist do if a show is postponed would be better.   

Becky Seguin Pease
So disappointed I can't make it on Friday - had to return my tickets! There is always next year. I'll miss you Kenny

Maureen Richards
It really sucks that Sundays concert is pushed to Friday. He should have scheduled a future date so people wouldn't miss it. I hope Kenny you are in St. John 4/28/2012-5/12/2012. I'll be waiting at Woodys.

Sean Rogan
Mother Nature F*^KS UP EVERYTHING!!!!!

Diana Herbert
I am so devastated. Had tickets for Sunday and a babysitter. Now that it got moved to Friday we can't go!

Kimberly Brooks
Stub Hub will NOT issue refunds. Some people are not able at the last minute to rearrange work/child care. This should have been changed to a date further out NOT closer up.

Marilynn Thistle Robinson
Please consider changing the schedule. Its not right that Sat. ticket holders are looking at bad winds and weather (possibly a cancellation), while Sunday ticket holders get a show Friday night. We bought our tickets first, and should see the show first. We are so excited to see you again for the sixth time at Gillette!!!! So Looking forward to it!

Still, Chesney did have several fans praising him for putting safety first:

Christine Marie Lavoie
I only wish I had the money to buy tickets off of some of you and instead of being mad at Kenny ,you should all be thankful that he is thinking of all of you and your safety and I do understand the position it does put some of you in now but I am a huge Kenny fan and if it were me, I would be finding a way to go no matter what. I love you Kenny!!! Your fan from Biddeford, Maine

Linda Granese Austin
Some people are so selfish......If this hurricane is as bad as they are predicting, I sure wouldn't want to be in that stadium. He did the right thing for his crew and all of his fans!!!!!

Kris Marasca
thank you for thinking of your fans who might be affected by the hurricane, Kenny. I'm sure it will inconvenience a few, but better that than the thousands who were coming to the Sunday show. You rock ♥

Fay Skillins Burns
Thank You, Thank you, THANK YOU Kenny for re-scheduling instead of cancelling!!! Will be there with bells on! Can't wait!!!!!!!