Kentucky Derby: Jimmy Fallon's Puppies Accurately Predict American Pharoah to Win (Video)

Jimmy Fallon holds the winning puppy on the 'Tonight Show.'

"The puppies were right!!!" the talk show host tweeted after the race on Saturday.

Puppies apparently know their horses.

Earlier in the week, Jimmy Fallon took part in a Tonight Show segment in which he used a bunch of puppies to try to predict which horse would emerge victorious in the Kentucky Derby. The bit involved puppies racing to a trough of food, and each pooch corresponded to a different thoroughbred. 

As it turns out, the puppy representing American Pharoah won the contest — and on Saturday, the actual American Pharoah won the Derby. 

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"The puppies were right!!!" an excited Fallon tweeted after the Derby's completion.

Fallon has used a similar bit to attempt to predict this year's NCAA football and basketball championships, but the puppies weren't as prescient in those instances. 

The talk show host's tweet can be seen below, along with video of the Tonight Show segment.

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