Keri Russell, Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon Play Flight Attendants in "Mad Lib Theater" Sketch

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON - Keri Russell, Jimmy Fallon, Jon Hamm - Publicity Still - H 2019
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Fallon asked the actors a series of questions to determine the words that would make it into the segment during Wednesday's episode of 'The Tonight Show.'

Keri Russell, Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon tested their improv skills during "Mad Lib Theater" on Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show.

The host and guests used a Mad Lib template to write their script about flight attendants giving instructions to the passengers.

Fallon asked Russell and Hamm to list a number of words to use in the script including verbs, a fictional place, an amount of time, the scariest insect at the zoo, a plural medical device and an object that can save someone's life. Words that ultimately made it into the script included "farting," "Narnia," "14 nanoseconds," "Gila monster" and "MRIs."

The host asked Russell one thing that she didn't want a waiter to tell her and she answered, "It's mariachi night." She was later asked to name a chain restaurant and chose Chili's.

For another prompt, Fallon asked Hamm what the last thing he watched on his phone was. He pulled out his phone to reveal that he recently watched Awkwafina's video for "My Vag" on YouTube.

Hamm was also asked to reveal his childhood dream, which was to be in Star Wars. Russell followed by sharing her wish as an adult, which was also to appear in a Star Wars film.

The script-writing process concluded when Russell was asked to share her best pickup line. She initially said, "Wanna fuck?" Fallon made the line more appropriate for the show and changed it to "Wanna make whoopie?"

The actors and host changed into flight attendant uniforms to perform the scene. They stood in front of the plane set as Fallon welcomed the passengers on their flight to Narnia.

The host introduced himself as "Ron Googly," while Russell's name was a combination of random syllables. Hamm added, "I am Mark, but you can call me Chuck Yerger." The latter name was based off of Russell's former teacher.

"We do apologize for the 14-nanoseconds delay," said Hamm. "We are stalled because Gila monsters are farting on the runway."

The host then asked the passengers to pay attention to Hamm as he gave the safety announcements. "Make sure all of your mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and MRIs are turned off and stowed," said Hamm. "If we see you using one, we will kindly come up and say, 'It's mariachi night.'"

Russell informed the passengers that there were "12-and-a-half exits" on the plane and told them to take a look around for "the nearest Chili's." She continued, "In the event of a SantaCon, a dirty underwear will drop down from your seat above."

"If you have a child, put it over the child first," added Fallon.

Hamm then shared that the inflight entertainment was Awkwafina's "My Vag" video, followed by "a bonus documentary about Awkwafina learning how to run."

Russell added that if anyone had questions, they should not hesitate to ask "by raising your belly button and waving it."

Hamm said that the airline hoped the passengers would "get to be in Star Wars" for the holiday season. Fallon added, "We also wish you get to be in Star Wars."

The actress concluded the segment by thanking the passengers for choosing to fly with their airline. "On behalf of Captain Little Steve and all of us," she said, before Hamm and Fallon joined her and said, "Wanna make whoopie?"

Watch the full segment below.