Keri Russell Reminisces About 'Mickey Mouse Club' Days With Justin Timberlake on 'Tonight Show'

Courtesy of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Keri Russell on 'The Tonight Show'

The 'Americans' star also played a lively game of Password with Aaron Paul, 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane.

Keri Russell seemed to have a blast on Monday's Tonight Show, stopping by to play a game of Password and reminiscing about her days on The Mickey Mouse Club with Justin Timberlake.

For Password, Russell and 2 Chainz played against a team of Aaron Paul and Gucci Mane. The game started off with a tough clue in "pickle," which Mane got after a couple of process-inspired clues from Paul. The two ended up winning the game with the final clue, a Prince-inspired adjective.

During the interview portion of the show, Russell recapped the "stressful" game. She lamented that she "let [2 Chainz] down," but said she was "willing to do a rematch."

She also revealed that even though she and Paul both appeared in Mission: Impossible III, they never met. But her role on the film did give her the opportunity to do some cool stunts with star Tom Cruise, who advised her that if her hair catches on fire during a stunt to "just shake it out."

In honor of the fifth season of Russell's Cold War spy drama The Americans, which premieres March 7 on FX, the actresss answered five questions with numerical components. She counted to five in a foreign language, choosing Welsh, "because my guy is Welsh," she said, alluding to her Americans co-star and on- and offscreen partner, Matthew Rhys. She did four push-ups. And in revealing her last three text messages, she shared a funny anecdote about what she did after Saturday's Americans premiere and said that she still sees her former Mickey Mouse Club co-star Justin Timberlake as a little kid from their days on the show.

Russell said that one of her best friends, Ilana, who was also on The Mickey Mouse Club with them, texted her during the Oscars' opening number expressing her surprise that Timberlake knows what he's doing.

"She was like, 'Are you watching this? He's good,'" Russell said of the text, adding that she agreed. "They were like 12 when we were 17, so we were like 'You know, what? Actually, he's good. He's doing a good job.… I think he'll be OK.'"

That wasn't the only Mickey Mouse Club anecdote on late night Monday, though. Over on CBS' Late Late Show, Sara Bareilles revealed to host James Corden that she auditioned to be on The Mickey Mouse Club the same season that Timberlake, Gosling and other young castmembers, including future stars Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, joined. She got two callbacks before she forgot the lyrics to "A Whole New World."

Bareilles said she was "obsessed" with the show and used to have a crush on castmember Tony Lucca, who, incidentally, used to date Russell. Bareilles said she later met Lucca as an adult and asked him all of her Mickey Mouse Club questions.