Kering Denies Allegations That Gucci, YSL Glasses Are Made in China

A spokesperson did, however, confirm that some Italian-made glasses were mistakenly mislabeled "Made in China," thus creating confusion.

Last week, Selima Optique filed a lawsuit in New York's Southern District in which the company alleged that Kering Eyewear, Kering Group's in-house sector responsible for crafting eyewear for European luxury brands Gucci, YSL, Brioni and Balenciaga, falsely advertised their products as "Made in Italy." According to the suit, most of the assembly process occurs in China, and therefore violates the strict Italian law which prohibits products that are not made from start to finish in the country from using the "Made in Italy" label. 

While Kering Group stands by its statement that its "luxury products are made in Italy and are labeled in compliance with all applicable law," a spokesperson for the brand told The Hollywood Reporter that 21 pairs of sunglasses (the exact brand was not stated) which it claims were 100 percent Italian made, were mistakenly mislabeled as "Made in China" — the stamp used for Puma frames. 

The spokesperson states that the mislabeling took place at a logistics warehouse in the Veneto region of Italy, where glasses from all of Kering Eyewear's brands are gathered before shipping worldwide and where most of the "made in" labeling takes place. 

The mislabeled "Made in China" eyewear was sent to various clients, however, according to the company, Kering Eyewear immediately issued an apology, offered an exchange of product and sent certificates of proof that the eyewear is indeed made in Italy. The spokesperson states that all customers accepted the exchange except for Selima Optique, who had received one pair of incorrectly stamped glasses.

When notified about Kering's response, counsel for Selima Optique stated, "We prefer to litigate in court."

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