Kerry Washington Debuts 11 New Nude Makeup Shades for Neutrogena (Video)

Kerry Washington - Getty - P 2016
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Kerry Washington - Getty - P 2016

"One thing that's cool about being a creative consultant is I get to be a part of R&D," says the 'Scandal' actress, who worked with the beauty brand to expand their foundation range to offer a shade for all ethnicities.

Because one shade doesn’t fit all: When Kerry Washington signed on as a brand ambassador and creative consultant with Neutrogena in 2013, the actress was immediately hit with feedback from consumers who felt that the beauty brand failed to offer enough options for women with darker skin tones. Luckily, it only takes one voice (or powerhouse female actress) to help make change happen.

The 39-year-old spent the past three years working closely with the company’s research & development team on a brand-led initiative to expand their foundation range. Washington also called on her longtime makeup pro Carola Gonzalez to help her test products both on and off the red carpet for color, tone, texture, feel and scent.

In a quick clip on her Twitter and Instagram, Washington teased the latest products with surprise calls to a few very happy customers. "I knew when I partnered with Neutrogena that they wanted to expand their cosmetics collection to address more audiences and resonate with more women — I am really proud to be part of this change," says Washington.

The four new Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup shades including Honey, Caramel, Cocoa (the color Washington wears) and Chestnut are available now at drugstores nationwide and online at ($14.09). The company also unveiled three new Long Wear Liquid Makeup and four Skin Clearing Liquid Makeup hues that work across all ethnicities — 11 new nudes total. Plus, assorted Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Sticks — think Classic Nude, Almond Nude, Pink Nude, Berry Brown. Washington, whose portrayal of Anita Hill in HBO’s Confirmation (she also executive produced) debuts on April 16, also works closely with beauty brand OPI as a creative ambassador, co-designing a nail polish line with the brand’s co-founder and creative director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. Whether foundation, lips or tips, Washington’s got you covered.

Here, an exclusive look at the entire clip of Washington sharing the news with her loyal Neutrogena fans. "There’s no reason why everybody shouldn’t be able to have that power — to look good, to feel good and be healthy," she says.