Kesha and Terry Gross Struggle to Think of Snoop Dogg's Name in Password

Courtesy of 'Tonight Show'

Anthony Anderson and Jimmy Fallon give their best impressions of the rapper in an attempt to win on the 'Tonight Show' sketch.

Kesha and Jimmy Fallon teamed up to play Password against Anthony Anderson and Terry Gross on Thursday's Tonight Show.

The game involves a contestant giving their partner a one-word clue and then their teammate has to guess what the password is. 

Things started out simply enough when Kesha said Chipotle for "burrito" and Fallon guessed accurately. Then Anderson was given "Snoop" as his password and the game heated up.

"Fo' shizzle," said Anderson to Gross. She looked at him blankly and said, "I can't say Jay-Z." Anderson repeated "Fo' shizzle" but Gross never guessed what he was hinting at. Then Fallon tried his own Snoop Dogg clue and said "yee-ah" throwing his arms up.

Anderson cracked up as Fallon tried to make his clue work, but Kesha couldn't guess what he was trying to do.

"You remember my first clue, right?" Anderson asked Gross when it went back to them. "Say it." 

The Fresh Air host obliged, saying "Fo' shizzle" as Anderson responded "My nizzle."

It took one more round of Fallon saying "Dogg" before Snoop Dogg was finally unlocked.

The last word was "spicy," but Fallon stumbled when trying to say a butchered version of the word, presumably aiming to speak Spanish with "speecy."

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