Keshet Celebrity Cooking Show Launches With Strong Ratings in Israel

Help! I Can't Cook! Cast - H 2014
Courtesy Principal Communications Group

Help! I Can't Cook! Cast - H 2014

'Help! I Can't Cook' is the Israeli TV powerhouse's focus project for MIPCOM

Israeli TV powerhouse Keshet International is gearing up for MIPCOM with a successful launch of its big focus format for next month's TV and entertainment global market in Cannes.

On Saturday night, the company launched Help! I Can't Cook, a celebrity culinary reality show, in Israel. It debuted with a 43.7 percent household share, making it the second-biggest premiere ever for an original reality format in the country.

The figure slightly trails the launch of music talent show Rising Star, which debuted in Israel a year ago to a 44.7 percent share.

Soon after that launch and subsequent showcase at MIP, Rising Star became a runaway hit for Keshet, selling to dozens of territories. The format has already debuted local editions in Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia and Russia, with France next week. Rising Star's U.S. version ran on ABC over the summer but with mixed ratings.

With Help! I Can't Cook, Keshet is continuing the launch strategy it used for Rising Star, which also premiered in Israel during the month of September, traditionally perceived as the high holy days hiatus and a tricky time to introduce a new show in the country.

The move has proven a success again, as Help! has been garnering significant water cooler buzz before Saturday's premiere episode, which peaked with a 46.2 percent household share.

Help! features 10 predominantly A-List celebrities, including starlets Yael Bar Zohar and Michal Yannai, who attend a secluded "Culinary Academy for Beginners" for 21 days, hoping to rectify the fact that despite their various talents, the one thing they aspire to is finally acquire cooking skills to benefit their loved ones.

Similar to Keshet's kids singing competition format Master Class, this is another feel-good format without cut-throat eliminations or a tense vibe.

According to Keshet International CEO Alon Shtruzman, Help!'s light-hearted nature is key to attracting high-profile participants. "We were looking for a different kind of cooking show. It's not another game show with cynical judges or elaborate dishes, but rather the basics of what we all need to know in our domestic lives", he explained. "That's what makes it an accessible, grounded, warm show, which to us is the new type of reality television."

Help! I Can't Cook was co-created and produced by Keshet and Gil Productions.