Kevin Bacon Reveals He Owes Jeff Daniels His Marriage (Video)

During THR’s drama actor roundtable, “The Following” actor says he met his wife doing a play the “Newsroom” star dropped out of.

Kevin Bacon (Fox’s The Following) has Jeff Daniels (HBO’s The Newsroom) to thank for his marriage.

“Jeff was doing a play called Lemon Sky off-Broadway with Cynthia Nixon, and they wanted to shoot it for PBS' American Playhouse,” Bacon said during The Hollywood Reporter’s drama actor roundtable. “And they offered both of them the parts, and they turned them both down. And my wife [Kyra Sedgwick] took Cynthia's part, and I took Jeff's part, so I really have him to thank for my marriage.”

Daniels had one question after hearing the story: “Was I invited to the wedding?”

The anecdote came during a discussion of roles or projects that changed the six Emmy contenders the most as actors.

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Dennis Quaid (CBS' Vegas) said for him, it was the 1979 film Breaking Away.

“I'd been going from job to job to job, just for credits, and along came the audition. I went in to read for director Peter Yates. I don't think I would have the career if it wasn't for him,” Quaid said. “He just offered me the role when it first came in. And that didn't ever happen to me before, and I said, 'I'd like to, I'd love to, but I already have this job,' and he actually got in the doorway and blocked my way and said, ‘Listen, young man, you have to do this.’ "

Mandy Patinkin (Showtime's Homeland) was hot off a Tony win for Evita, when he was surprised to learn he would have to audition for the 1984 Broadway show Sunday in the Park With George if he wanted a part. He said he wasn’t good at auditioning and thought it was going to be a “disaster.”

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But he ended up getting the part in Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's musical. Patinkin said a refrain from the musical, "Connect, George, Connect” still sticks with him.

“Those [words] became what I want on my tombstone. That is what I live my life to try to do,” Patinkin said.

THR’s drama actor roundtable also featured John Slattery (AMC’s Mad Men) and Corey Stoll (Netflix's House of Cards). The discussion was moderated by THR executive editor Matthew Belloni and senior editor Stacey Wilson.