Kevin Bacon Talks 'Six Degrees' Game, 'I Love Dick,' and "Not Being "F—able" | Comedy Actor Roundtable

"I don't really think it helps me get work, or anything," Bacon told THR of the parlor game invented around his career.

"If you stick around long enough there are going to be dips," Kevin Bacon told The Hollywood Reporter during the Comedy Actor Roundtable while discussing a career of longevity in the industry. Bacon currently stars on the Amazon series I Love Dick.

Bacon brought up the game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" (a play on words of the John Guare classic Six Degrees of Separation), where you name an actor and a connect their back to Kevin Bacon. "I hated it because I was trying so hard to be a serious actor and all of a sudden I was a parlor game. I thought it was really a joke at my expense. Now, I don't really feel that way anymore."

The actors were asked about their experience with sexism, a question usually reserved for female roundtables, but Bacon revealed the head of the studio for Footloose said, "I don't want him, he's not f—able."

Fellow roundtable participant Kumail Nanjiani of Silicon Valley asked, "Who's ever been more f—able than Kevin Bacon?"

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