Kevin Costner Drops F-Bomb During Dan Patrick Live Interview

Shannon Finney/WireImage
Kevin Costner

"We can't do that!" the host quickly reminded the actor.

Kevin Costner on Monday dropped an F-bomb during a live interview on The Dan Patrick Show, which is simulcast on Audience Network and Fox Sports 570 AM in Los Angeles.

The Oscar-winning actor was on the show to promote the second season of Yellowstone, his drama on the Paramount Network.

It all started when Paulie Pabst, one of Patrick's crew, asked Costner about Field of Dreams.

"I am wondering — when they pitched you Field of Dreams, you were at your peak of stardom, did you ever think, 'This could be really silly?'"

Costner immediately pounced.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" a seemingly irritated Costner asked before Patrick and crew chimed in, saying he had to be careful with the language.

"We can't do that!" Patrick said as Costner realized what he said and began to laugh. Patrick proceeded to give Pabst grief for how he phrased his question.

The actor said a few other minor curses during his interview, but that moment got the biggest reaction from Patrick and company. 

Yellowstone season 2 premieres June 19.