Kevin Costner Is Racing for the Finish Line in 'McFarland USA' Trailer

Disney releases the film Feb. 20, 2015

Kevin Costner just can't resist starring in an inspirational sports drama. 

The venerable actor, whose resume includes Field of Dreams and last year's Draft Day, is returning to one of his favorite genres with McFarland USA, playing a track coach who appears to be in over his head at a rural high school. 

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Coach White (Costner) uses unusual methods to motivate his athletes. "You're our anchor, Danny, and not because you're fat," the coach says, before adding: "You are a little fat, OK, so better lose some weight." The coach later gets a taste of his own medicine when he receives a jab about his scent.

Niki Caro directed the film based on the 1987 true story. Maria Bello co-stars.

Disney releases the film Feb. 20, 2015, presumably hoping it's a bigger hit for the studio than last spring's similarly themed Million Dollar Arm


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