Kevin Hart Addresses Cheating, Extortion Scandal in 'Irresponsible' Tour Promo

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In the promo for his upcoming comedy tour, the comedian mocks and ridicules his recent scandals.

Kevin Hart is ready to come clean about being “irresponsible.”

On Monday, the comedian released a promo for his upcoming Irresponsible Tour, comically addressing the recent cheating allegations and extortion attempt he faced.

In the promo, Hart is seen having an argument with multiple Hart clones on a tour bus, as they banter about his reputation in the press. “You've been behaving like a miscreant!” one Hart says, with another adding, “Down right stupid if you ask me!”

“Give me one example of me being irresponsible?" the real Hart asks them.

"Boy, we're talking about you in that car with that girl in Miami!" the driver Hart responds, leaving the real Hart to retort, “I don’t even know who she is!”

The joke references paparazzi photos released in July of the comedian in a car with an unidentified woman, which spurred allegations that he was cheating on his pregnant wife. 

Hart also addresses the alleged extortion attempt he faced in August involving a video depicting someone who may or may not be Hart and a woman in Las Vegas. Last month, Hart filmed a public apology to his wife and children on social media, saying he showcased “bad error” and put himself in a “bad environment where only bad things can happen.”

“What about that girl in Las Vegas?” a Hart clone asks the comedian.

“Fuck you, man,” the real Hart argues.

“Call him what you want. Just don’t count him out,” the promo narrates as Hart tells his clones, “You wanna say I’m irresponsible? Then I’m gonna show you irresponsible. We’re going back on tour!”  

Dates and tickets for Hart’s Irresponsible Tour are set to be announced this Friday.