The Hollywood Reporter Makes Cameo in David Beckham and Kevin Hart's New H&M Ad

David Beckham and Kevin Hart

The new H&M ad features Hart shadowing Beckham for an upcoming biopic.

Kevin Hart and David Beckham team up for a few laughs in a new ad for H&M. In the six-minute spot, Beckham reluctantly allows Hart to shadow him for a few days so Hart can prepare to play the soccer superstar in an upcoming biopic.

While Beckham is dubious, to say the least, of the casting choice, Hart is over the moon. And he's an extremely dedicated student, copying — and haunting — Beckham's every last move from his clothing choices to the way he drinks his tea. Because, as the saying goes, you can't really understand a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes — and maybe shared a toothbrush. 

Watch the full ad and see if you can spot Hart's The Hollywood Reporter cover below.

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