MTV Movie Awards: Kevin Hart and "The Rock" Joke About Hulk Hogan-Gawker Verdict in Monologue

The co-hosts later reminisced about the 25th anniversary of the show as well as highlights from the past year, including Leonardo DiCaprio getting "f—ed by a bear" in 'The Revenant.'

Kevin Hart and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson kicked off the 2016 MTV Movie Awards from the Warner Bros. backlot in Burbank by paying tribute to some of Warner Bros. biggest recent box-office hits.

Hart and Johnson opened the show with a Mad Max: Fury Road-influenced entrance, complete with Hart sporting the cage-like face mask Tom Hardy wears in the film. The comedian and co-host Johnson, who was also sporting a Mad Max-like outfit, then took the round stage to kick off the outdoors show, which was taped Saturday night.

Hart and Johnson argued that the show honors movies people "actually pay to see."

"We're talking about bad-ass, loud-ass blockbusters," said Johnson.

Introducing the venue for this year's show, the hosts also hyped Warner Bros.' recent box-office hit Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, pointing out that the film made $130 million in one day.

"The only movie to take more money than that in one day was Hulk Hogan's sex tape," Hart joked, referencing the $140 million verdict the pro wrestler scored against Gawker.

Hart and Johnson then riffed on the video.

"He hit her with the Hulkamania from the back," said Hart.

Johnson added, "He put that 24-inch python to work."

The two then poked fun at each other, with Johnson praising Hart's hit movies, before using the opportunity to joke about Hart's height.

Johnson listed The Big Short, a hip-hop Hobbit and an "Oompa Loompa movie" as all Hart vehicles as the comedian appeared befuddled before calling Johnson a "chocolate Shrek."

The two then reminisced about how far the awards show (and they) had come in 25 years, showing photos of themselves from 1992, the year of the first MTV Movie Awards. Johnson's picture was the fanny pack-sporting shot that has previously gone viral. Hart's picture showed him holding a cake at waist level, leading him to quip that when he was younger he put his "dick in cake," claiming American Pie stole that from him.

Later, the co-hosts rapped about the previous 25 years of the MTV Movie Awards and the past year in movies. After references to The Martian and Concussion, though, the hosts devoted the chorus to the erroneous reports about Leonardo DiCaprio's epic fight with a bear in The Revenant.

"Leo got f—ed by a bear," Hart and Johnson rapped. "You will always remember where you were when Leo got f—ed by a bear."

The twosome were accompanied by dancers who wore fur coats and put on bear heads during the chorus. At the end of the number, Adam DeVine, Anthony Mackie and Rebel Wilson popped up from the audience to recall where they were when "Leo got f—ed by a bear."

"Ironically, I was f—ing a bear, when I heard that Leo got f—ed by a bear," said Wilson.