Kevin Hart Faces Off Against Jimmy Fallon in a Game of "Would You Rather"

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Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

The entertainer is promoting his giant new concert film, 'Kevin Hart: What Now?' which opens in theaters Oct. 14.

Actor-comedian Kevin Hart stopped by The Tonight Show on Tuesday to discuss his upcoming concert film, Kevin Hart: What Now? and indulge in a game of "Would You Rather." 

Hart, who just celebrated getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, hinted with Fallon about a stunt the pair shot that morning, to be aired at a later date. The host excitedly admitted to viewers that "what we did this morning is going to be bigger than the roller coaster," referring to the outing he and Hart embarked on the last time, which went viral.

Hart said that he considers himself and Fallon a winning team when they get together, but sometimes the risk factor that Fallon brings into the mix can be jarring. "We have a great relationship, and we've done amazing things that go viral. And he calls and asks that we do stuff, and sometimes, I'm like, 'I don’t know!'"

Fallon also took the opportunity to poke fun at the comedian by showing back-to-back covers of Hart on Runner's World Magazine, where he is sporting an Afro and is decked out in running attire. Hart returned the favor by presenting Fallon with a pair of underwear from his Tommy John underwear line. 

Once that was squared away, the focus shifted to Hart's upcoming special, Kevin Hart: What Now? which took place at the Lincoln Financial Field in his hometown of Philadelphia. Hart confirmed that it was filmed with more than 80 cameras and explained that his goal was to put "comedy on the same level as rock 'n' roll."

He also dropped some hints on what viewers can expect, which included an opening featuring a spoof of James Bond and appearances by big names, such as Halle Berry and Don Cheadle.

Then it was on to the more important task of the night: a game segment of "Would You Rather" in which the two are given scenarios and have to correctly guess the preference of audience members.

The choices ranged from whether or not the audience would prefer singing better than Beyonce or running faster than Usain Bolt to whether they would rather perfect the impressions of either Robert De Niro or Jerry Seinfeld.

The loser was forced to choose between grabbing a handful of worms or eating a cricket.

Kevin Hart: What Now? opens in theaters, Oct. 14. 

Watch the video below.