Kevin Hart Says He Has a "Completely Different Look on Life" After Back Injury

"I'm about 65 to 75 percent back to my physical self," the comedian told Ellen DeGeneres about his recovery.

Kevin Hart opened up about life after a car accident that left him with a back injury when he stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday.

Back in September, Hart sustained major injuries after the car in which he was riding as a passenger was hit. He underwent back surgery following the accident.

"I'm about 65 to 75 percent back to my physical self," he said. "Workouts are not full. I'm not lifting crazy weights, but I'm back to weighted workouts, agility, mobility, core workouts. I’m a little determined jackass."

The comedian added that he felt "helpless" following his injury. "You don’t realize that your back is connected to everything. So coming out of back surgery, everything changed," said Hart. "That’s when you get to see what really matters, who really matters. Life kind of hits you in a completely different way."

He also reflected on the support he received from his family and friends while recovering in the hospital. "In that room was me, my wife, my kids, my brother and my closest friends," he added. "My kids didn’t want to go to school. They stayed with me. They slept with me day in, day out. My wife was on rotation with my brother, her mom came in, my mother-in-law was there. And you go, 'Wow. This is love. This is what real love and life is.'"

Continued Hart: "The things that you think matter, you realize don’t. Because if you’re gonna have room, it’s not about your level of success, it’s not about how much money you have. It’s about those individuals and who you really mean the most to and who means the most to you."

He added, "I got a completely different look on life now. A much better one."

Continued Hart: "I like saying, 'Okay, it’s time to rebuild.' But we’re not rebuilding to get back to the old you, we’re rebuilding to be better and become a new you. It’s a thing with me and my mindset that I embrace and I think from the days in the hospital when I realized I couldn’t do for myself."

The actor's first goal during his recovery was "wiping my ass" because that had become his wife's responsibility. He said, "The first thing was me saying, ‘Yo, I don’t like the fact, honey, that you gotta come in and you gotta get me together. My first goal is to get you out of this position.’ And I learned how to stretch and I started to get a little looser and looser. I started showering by myself, I started dressing by myself.

"The biggest triumph is when I put my socks on one day," Hart recalled. “When I put my socks on, it was the biggest thing in the world. Ran around the house, 'I got my socks on! You ain’t have to do it, I did it myself!'"

Hart's injury also gave him the opportunity to spend more time at home. "I’ve never been home for more than eight to 10 days," he shared. "I’ve never been home for a consecutive period of 10 days straight."

Hart added that he was initially scared to go out and socialize after the accident because he didn't want to worsen his injury. "You're going to see people who are happy to see you and everybody's gonna embrace or grab. So nobody knows how fragile you are," he said. "My fear was getting hugged and somebody really squeezing me to the point where I re-fracture or re-injure and now I'm back at the steps I'd just overcome."

Later in the segment, Hart revealed that many stars sent him flowers following his accident, though Oprah Winfrey's gift stuck out the most to him.

"I got a lot of flowers. You know, I was embracing everybody's flowers until Oprah sent me flowers, and then I realized that nobody loves me like Oprah," he said. Hart shared that Winfrey's flowers are still alive and joked that the flowers are "a jungle."

"We've honestly been waiting for them to die. There's an ongoing joke at our house. We're like, 'Have the Oprah flowers died yet?' And everybody's like, 'No, not today,'" he said.

Hart concluded, "Nobody else really cares about me like Oprah did."