Kevin Hart Takes on the Haters in 'Let Me Explain' (Video)

The comedian’s latest stand-up venture hits theaters on July 3.

For someone who airs his own dirty laundry for a living, Kevin Hart has heard a lot of wild stories about himself.

“I get the worst of the worst of ‘I heards,’” he tells The Hollywood Reporter, shaking his head. “I had somebody tell me that they heard that I put my ex-wife on the street. ‘Hey man, why you doin’ that to your ex-wife? You gonna put her on the street? With your kids?’” 

Hart takes on all the "I heards" in his new documentary/stand-up special, Let Me Explain, filmed in New York’s famed Madison Square Garden and opening theatrically on July 3.

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Staying true to his previous comedic endeavors, Hart’s kids are front and center in his act, as the comic cracks wise on the quirks of his son, 5, and daughter, 8.

That’s not to say Hart’s act is kid-friendly. The 32-year-old -- whose acting credits include Think Like a Man, The Five Year Engagement and The 40-Year-Old Virgin -- also jokes about crazy girlfriends, cheating and the fear of getting herpes from a bum in his latest.

“I hope you don’t judge me and say I’m a bad parent, but I want my kids to understand what their dad does,” says Hart, admitting that his young children have been on hand for many of his performances from the time they were 2 years old, though the muffled sounds from backstage prevent them from hearing the nitty-gritty of Hart’s act.

“They know that their dad’s a comedian; they know that their dad’s an actor; but they’re very comfortable in their dad’s world,” says Hart, launching into an impression of his young daughter imitating him.

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“‘Hey everybody, I’m Kevin Hart. I got two kids. They real funny. Who’s got kids? Where your kids?’ That’s my daughter, she’s 8 years old. It’s the funniest thing ever.”

But there’s a soft side to Kevin Hart, as showcased in the film’s final moments, in which he begins to cry. The emotional moment comes from the revelation that Hart is only the sixth comedian to sell out Madison Square Garden. Among his predecessors: Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and Dane Cook.

“I specifically remember looking into the crowd and seeing people standing up and just feeling appreciated,” Hart says. “It was me wanting to give it back, and in giving it back, [my emotions] just got the best of me.”

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