Kevin Nealon Talks 'SNL', Upcoming Comedy Show for Animal Rights Charity (Q&A)

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The comedian will headline the "Mooving Night of Cow-medy" to benefit Farm Sanctuary at Los Angeles' Upright Citizens Brigade this Sunday.

Kevin Nealon will take the stage at Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles on Oct. 8 to headline "A Mooving Night of Cow-medy," a benefit show for Farm Sanctuary, America's leading farm animal protection organization.

The Saturday Night Live alum will take the stage for a stand-up set during a night that will feature a number of L.A.'s best improv comedians. 

Nealon, a longtime supporter of Farm Sanctuary and animal rights, caught up with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss the upcoming show, give his thoughts on the current comedy landscape and SNL, and explain what goes into his act. 

What about this particular show stood out for you?

I was very excited because [Farm Sanctuary] is such a great organization. I've been working with them since '88 or something. Gene Baur (president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary) is a good friend of mine and I'm impressed with the work he does raising awareness of animal cruelty and slaughterhouses and factory farming, helping to get laws passed to prevent cruelty to these animals.

How did you get involved?

Gene personally asked me if I would do it and I love Farm Sanctuary and I love comedy, so it kind of worked out.

What is it about Farm Sanctuary that stands out for you?

I like how much good they've done. They've got a great track record. They've done a lot of good in the past and they go about it the way I like. They'e not super hardcore, but they're also very effective at making life better for these unfortunate animals that are being led to the slaughter.

What will you be doing in the show?

It's not improv, it'll be stand-up comedy. I do that all the time.

Will your material be related to the cause?

I think it will be a potpourri of different things. It will be my act that I'm working on — I'm coming up with a new special that I'm working on. It might be something about animals. I have nothing specific put together yet for it. 

There is so much political comedy that seems to be resonating these days. You're not necessarily known for political humor, but does it influence your act at all?

I think even for people who aren't political comedians, it's so prevalent now in our society. What's going on and how crazy the world is these days, you can't help having a little bit of it in your act, one way or the other.

Have you been keeping up with SNL?

I haven't been able to see the start of this season yet. I thought last year was phenomenal. Whenever there's an election year, it's always a banner year for Saturday Night Live because it provides so much fodder for them.

Do you have any plans to come back to SNL for an appearance?

Gosh, it's been something like 22 years. (Laughs.) I keep in touch with Lorne. I see him every once in a while. If I'm in New York I'll stop by the office and say hi. Will Forte told me once, and I agree with him when says this, but never do you feel less needed then when you're up in the hallways there at SNL.

Tickets for "A Moo-ving Night of Cowmedy" can be purchased here.