Kevin Smith: 'Clerks 3' Is Fully Financed Because of 'Tusk' Flopping

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Writes Smith: "'Star Wars' repeatedly is referenced in all the flicks I make because I grew up watching the George Lucas trilogy in the 1970s and early '80s."

It was a long journey to get funding

Kevin Smith is ready to put on the backward baseball cap one more time. 

During the live taping of his Hollywood Babble-On podcast Friday, the director announced that he has finally secured funding to make Clerks 3. He explained that the opportunity to make the movie came after investors were impressed by his recent horror-comedy Tusk, despite its ho-hum box-office gross thus far. Flickering Myth previously reported the news.

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"Everybody that's like, 'He failed, he failed,' I'm like, 'Thank you — I failed into Clerks 3,' " Smith said. Clerks 2 was released in July 2006 and made $24 million domestically.

Smith pointed out that he tried to put financing together more than a year ago to make the third Clerks film in hopes of having its release coincide with the original film's 20th anniversary next month. "I couldn't find money and shit," he said about his initial effort, adding that he may have seemed overly desperate at the time.

It's unclear when Smith will begin shooting the film, which would likely see him co-star as Silent Bob. Last month, he began principal photography on his action-adventure film Yoga Hosers, which stars Johnny Depp.

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