Kevin Smith Developing Canadian Pay TV Comedy 'Prons'

2012-40 REP Kevin Smith H

Writes Smith: "'Star Wars' repeatedly is referenced in all the flicks I make because I grew up watching the George Lucas trilogy in the 1970s and early '80s."

The indie filmmaker has teamed with Aaron Martin to write a sitcom about a famous porn star returning to his Canadian childhood home to escape the business.

TORONTO — Kevin Smith is heading back to Canada.

The indie filmmaker is reteaming with Halfire-CORE Entertainment to develop a comedy, Prons, in partnership with Canadian pay TV channels The Movie Network and Movie Central.

The sitcom, written by Smith and Aaron Martin (Saving Hope), portrays a famous porn star who returns to his childhood home in Brantford, Ontario, to escape the business.

Smith's indie shingle, SModCo Pictures, and Halfire earlier produced Spoilers, a movie review web series that aired on The Comedy Network in Canada.

Hulu ran the first season of Spoilers.

Prons is part of an extensive development slate at The Movie Network, which includes another comedy, Method, from Saving Hope producers Ilana Frank, David Wellington and Sonia Hosko.

Method offers a behind-the-scenes spoof of the police procedural.

Frank also executive produces ABC's Rookie Blue.