Kevin Smith Directs Marvel-Audi Promo Featuring Stan Lee (Video)

Stan Lee Audi - H 2015
Courtesy of Audi

Stan Lee Audi - H 2015

The clip is part of a new trend where filmmakers and auto manufacturers collaborate on movie marketing.

Stan Lee is ostensibly the star of the short film in which the Marvel Comics creator spoofs his multiple cameos in Marvel Studios' movies by leading an acting class — with pupils including Tara Reid and Kevin Smith, who directed the video on the finer points of walk-on roles. But the real stars of the short are Audi's A8 which Lee is photographed entering and exiting and Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron, which premieres Friday.

The video is an example of the deepening partnerships between movie studios and automakers, centered on tentpole franchises. Audi has been long associated with Marvel movies its R8 supercar has served as Tony Stark's personal car in the past three Iron Man films, and Stark will drive the redesigned 2016 iteration of the the model in Age of Ultron.

“The character of Tony Stark continues to evolve and represents a truly modern Renaissance man,” Audi marketing executive Giovanni Perosino said in statement. “It’s this type of innovator that carefully selects their cars and is exactly who would be driving the next-generation Audi R8.”

The latest Avengers installment also will feature Audi's TTS and A3 cabriolet models. During Audi's eight-year partnership with Marvel, the carmaker's A8, S7 and Q7 models have appeared in films released by the studio.

Audi has been particularly aggressive when it comes to placing its cars in movies, television shows and at Hollywood events. But recently, Dodge partnered with Furious 7's producers on a commercial that featured a prospective buyer of Dodge's Challenger model being teleported suddenly into a scene from the movie.