Kevin Smith Drops 65 Lbs After Airline Incident

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Red State director Kevin Smith is fit to fly again.

A year after he was famously booted off Southwest Air flight because of his weight, he says he has dropped 65 pounds.
"I feel mixed feelings about losing the weight," he told HLN's Joy Behar Tuesday. "I sympathize far more with heavier people than I ever will with thin. I'll never be thin. Let's be honest, I've lost 65 pounds, but nobody's going, 'I wanna sleep with you!' They're just like, 'Keep going, you look better.'"
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Even though he weighs considerably less - in 2008, he admitted, "I broke a toilet. That’s how heavy I am" - he told Behar he has no plans to don thinner duds.
"I'm the same person I was 65 pounds ago," Smith said. "...Sometimes a fat dude has a lot to offer, if [you] can just get past the blubber."