Kevin Smith Reveals Details of His Final Film, 'Hit Somebody'

Kevin Smith
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Smith's "SModcast" has 300,000 listeners each week.

The filmmaker announced via Twitter that he hopes to debut his hockey movie at Sundance 2013.

Kevin Smith is sharing details about his next -- and final -- film via Twitter, telling fans that he hopes to unveil Hit Somebody during Sundance 2013.

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The auteur had initially planned to create the movie in two parts, but wrote on Jan. 5 that he is currently “Writing script two, but now gonna make one big movie instead… Makes more sense anyway: the movie’s about taking one, good shot.” Smith revealed that he hopes to begin shooting in June.


In response to another follower, Smith noted that the film’s total running time could reach 150 minutes with credits.  

Last January, Smith told reporters that Hit Somebody would be his last film. “I feel good about that,” he said while promoting his most recent film, Red State. “I feel like my critics are probably saying ‘Oh, good, he’s leaving.”

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Smith clarified that while he is closing the curtain on theatrical films, he is “willing to try other directing projects.”