Kevin Smith Says He's "Ashamed" Harvey Weinstein Financed His Work

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Kevin Smith

"He financed the first 14 years of my career — and now I know while I was profiting, others were in terrible pain," the director and actor says.

Filmmaker Kevin Smith broke his silence about Harvey Weinstein on Monday morning. 

"He financed the first 14 years of my career  and now I know while I was profiting, others were in terrible pain. It makes me feel ashamed," Smith wrote on Twitter in a reply to a fan who asked him how he felt about Weinstein's hard fall from grace. 

Smith, a writer, director and Silent Bob actor, did multiple films under the Miramax moniker, including both Clerks films, Mall Rats, Chasing Amy and Dogma

Weinstein, the co-founder of Miramax, was ousted from his own company, The Weinstein Co., on Sunday following a New York Times investigation, which leveled numerous claims of sexual harassment from multiple victims against the media mogul. 

"In light of new information about misconduct by Harvey Weinstein that has emerged in the past few days, the directors of The Weinstein Company — Robert Weinstein, Lance Maerov, Richard Koenigsberg and Tarak Ben Ammar — have determined, and have informed Harvey Weinstein, that his employment with The Weinstein Company is terminated, effective immediately," the TWC board said in a statement on Sunday. 

Following the Times report, Weinstein issued a statement saying that "I came of age in the 60’s and 70s, when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different. That was the culture then. I have since learned it’s not an excuse, in the office  or out of it. To anyone."

A request for full interview was not immediately returned by Smith's rep.