Kevin Spacey Foundation to Close in U.K.

Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage
Kevin Spacey

The charity was set up in 2008 to encourage children to get involved in the arts.

The Kevin Spacey Foundation, which was established 10 years ago to encourage young kids to get involved in the arts, will shut down in the U.K.

The organization's trustees announced the move Tuesday, with the website posting a statement. 

"The trustees have reached the conclusion that the work of the Kevin Spacey Foundation UK is no longer viable and as such the foundation will be closing on the 28 February 2018," it read. "The trustees would like to thank all their partners, artists and organizations for the great work that has been done in association with the foundation. The trustees hope that the objects of the charity will be taken forward by other organizations."

The charity — established in 2008 while Spacey was artistic director of the The Old Vic theater in London — had been headed by Steven Jackson-Winter, a drama teacher and longtime employee of Spacey's. However, he reportedly left the Foundation late last year.

Spacey, who is being investigated by Scotland Yard over a number of sexual assault allegations in London, was removed from the foundation’s board of directors last November.