Key Art Award shorts


Every year, theatrical marketing companies taking part in The Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards contribute short films shown at the awards ceremony that celebrate, and lampoon, the industry and the executives and creatives who work in it. Here are four of the most famous (and infamous) shorts produced for the Key Art Awards.
Those were the days

This whimsical history of movie marketing, produced for the 25th Key Art Awards in 1996, has some kernels of truth about how the industry evolved from in-house crews to a thriving community of vendors.

Insta Trailer
Movie marketing is a tale of two worlds: the studio clients and the vendor companies who work for them. The creative collaboration, and occassional friction, between the two sides is a frequent subject of good-humored ribbing during the show, never more so in this comic spot about a machine that replaces "pesky" vendors.

Five men in a limo
The fact that movie trailers are such as well-known art form to audiences worldwide is due in no small measure to the work of the five voice-over artists featured in this comic spoof. Led by Don La Fontaine, these voices are as famous as any celebrity, even if most have never seen their faces.