Key Art Awards judging: By the numbers


Originally published June 13, 2008

In their 37th year, The Hollywood Reporter Movie Marketing Key Art Awards have surpassed expectations yet again in terms of the numbers of entries and judges. The Reporter received more than 1,300 eligible entries for the competition, covering work produced for theatrical films and home entertainment titles released in 2007.

For this year's competition, the action and horror categories were combined in both print and audiovisual, while entries for the formerly separate teaser poster category were included in the appropriate genre group. New to this year's competition are categories for family print and audiovisual. New categories in the home entertainment section were added to highlight specific work in trailers and new media.

JUDGING PROCESS: An equal number of judges was maintained across each subcategory: theatrical print, theatrical audiovisual, home entertainment print, home entertainment audiovisual, copy line, motion graphics, new media and Web sites.

Print judging took place on April 11 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. All theatrical print and home entertainment print categories, as well as best copy line, were judged at that time. Audiovisual material for theatrical and home entertainment categories, as well as best motion graphics, were posted online for viewing by judges. Each audiovisual judge was limited to two and a half hours of material in order to prevent viewing fatigue. New media judges also were allowed to view submissions at their leisure before mailing ballots to The Reporter.

Key Art entries were judged on concept and clarity, impact and effectiveness, and craftsmanship and execution. Individual judges selected their top five entries within each category and ranked them 1-5, with 5 being the most outstanding. The five entries that earned the highest aggregate scores in each category were declared finalists, and the highest-scoring entry among each quintet was declared the category winner. PricewaterhouseCoopers tabulated all voting for this year's competition.

Founded to honor the creative collaboration of vendor agencies and studio marketing departments, this year the Key Art Awards also added a category for best campaign to honor the strategic vision of the studio in assembling all the print and audiovisual elements used to market a single film. Any company that distributed its own films was invited to submit for this category. An initial slate of 12 candidates was narrowed down to five nominees by the Key Art advisory board, and a specially appointed blue-ribbon panel of entertainment industry professionals was assembled to judge the winning entry.

The Reporter thanks all the judges who participated in this year's program, as well as the studios and vendors who competed.

A complete list of this year's print and audiovisual judges follows:

Scott Abraham, NBC Universal
Judy Adams, Crew Creative Advertising
Susan Adams, Mojo
Karren Addiego, The Ant Farm
Bruce Allen, mOcean
Maris Allen, Walt Disney Studios
Josh Alvarado, Petrol Advertising
Brad Amos, BLT & Associates
Michael Andolina, Aspect Ratio
Ben Andron, The Ant Farm
Juan Arroyo, Indika Entertainment Advertising
Raquel Atienza, Lionsgate Entertainment
Shawn Austin, Big Boss Creative
Lisa Ayala-Williams, Walt Disney Studios
Molly Bachman, Mojo
Elizabeth Baker, The Weinstein Co.
Larry Baldauf, Craig Murray Prods.
Adrian Balladares, Create Advertising
John Ballon, BLT & Associates
Emilie Bandy, The Weinstein Co.
David Banks, Seismic Prods.
Cole Barager, Skipfilm
Bert Barillas, BE Design
Jennifer Barker, Workshop Creative
Mark Barnes, TM Limited
Dan Barnette, mOcean
Chris Bartolini, Cold Open
Mark Belin, BE Design
Erin Bell, The Ant Farm
Myles Bender, Focus Features
Jason Benickes, Neoganda
Susan Bennett, Paramount Pictures
Jennifer Bentley, Warner Home Video
Josh Berger, Mob Scene
Pete Bergeron, Trailer Park
Suneil Beri, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Jon Berkowitz, The Ant Farm
Derek Billings, Dustin W Design
Kevin Blanchette, HBO Enterprises
John Blas, Walt Disney Studios
Ben Blatt, NBC Universal
Toby Blue, Petrol Advertising
Ronnie Blumenberg, BLT & Associates
Scott Boepple, WhittmanHart Interactive
Nick Boes, Evoke
Teri Bogess, Warner Bros. Pictures
Simon Bollier, Petrol Advertising
Jerome Boroff, Shoolery Design
Kristie Borowski, Intralink Film
Jamie Bradshaw, Ignition Creative
Doug Brandt, Ignition Creative
Randi Braun, Braun Creative
Nati Braunstein, Buddha Jones
Zander Brimijoin, Big Spaceship
Merilee Brooks, Bemis Balkind Partners
Tom Brothers, Intralink Film Graphics
Lauri Brown, BLT & Associates
Seth Brown, Ignition Creative
Dino Bruce, Paramont Vantage
Stephen Bruno, The Weinstein Co.
Brent Buckham, Workshop Creative
Stuart Bur, BLT & Associates
Adrienne Burk, The Cimarron Group
Neville Burtis, Trailer Park
Seth Byers, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Craig Byrd, Mob Scene
Steven Caceres, Weston Mason Associates
Geoff Calnan, The Cimarron Group
Rudy Calvero, Trailer Park
Mike Camp, Acme Trailer Co.
Paula Campos, WhittmanHart Interactive
Robert Canada, Aspect Ratio
David Caneso, WATSON/DG
David Carp, The Weinstein Co.
Billy Casper, a Billy Casper Co.
Dave Cassada, Intralink Film
Isabella Castro, BE Design
Phil Cater, Mob Scene
Jeff Caudill, Trailer Park
Deirdre Cecil, Gas Station Zebra
Tom Celli, Walt Disney Studios
Felipe Cerdan, BE Design
Arthur Chan, Palisades Interactive
Jason Chappelle, Buddha Jones
Hambis Charalambous, Midnight Oil Creative
Dave Chau, Big Spaceship
Cat Chiang, Paramount Pictures
Frank Chiocchi, NBC Universal
Ryan Chism, Workshop Creative
Ken Choi, Ignition Creative
Thea Christenson, mOcean
John Christiano, Project C
Jennifer Christiano, Project C
Lucas Christman, The Ant Farm
Matt Chun, Regent Releasing
Mia Chung, New Line Home Entertainment
Len Ciccotello, Mob Scene
Eli Cohen, Intralink Film Graphic Design
Lindsay Cohen, Miramax Films
Chris Colinsky, WhittmanHart Interactive
Aliya Colvard, BLT & Associates
Amy Conley, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Matt Cooper, Neoganda
Ben Coplon, Miramax Films
Daniel Cossu, Cinetrax
Ben Cotner, Paramount Vantage
Craig Cox, Paramount Pictures
Megan Crawford, CAA
Jon Cua, BLT & Associates
Phil Daccord, Giaronomo Prods.
Nick Dadon, Workshop Creative
Arnaldo D'Alfonso, 20th Century Fox
Brian Daly, Mob Scene
Christian Davin, MGM
Carolyn Davine, Concept Arts
Mike Davis, Flyer Entertainment
Gregg Davis, Ignition Creative
Danielle Decca, BE Design
Gardner DeFranceaux, Cold Open
Christine DeHaven, Evoke
Evan DeHaven, Evoke
Brandon Delancey, mOcean
Michelle Demirdjian, Lionsgate Entertainment
Danielle DePalma, Lionsgate Entertainment
David DeVere, Project C
Chris Devine, Giaronomo Prods.
Mathew Diamond, Fox Searchlight
Mike DiBenedetto, Craig Murray Prods.
Jules DiBiase, Laura Zisken Prods.
Brian Dieter, 20th Century Fox
James DiGiovanni, Craig Murray Prods.
Patrick Dillion, Trailer Park
Ellen Dimler, Buddha Jones
David Dinerstein, Lakeshore Entertainment
David Dishman, Indika Entertainment Advertising
Jennifer Ditchik, Cimarron Group
Toby Divine, Mojo
Michael Dixon, Warner Bros. Pictures
Craig Dobbs, Intralink Film
Scott Dobson, Walt Disney Studios
Clarissa Donlevy, Trailer Park
Ann Dooley, Walt Disney Studios
Dannielle Dormer, Paramont Vantage
Wayne Drake, The Cimarron Group
Ignacio Dranaude, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Lori Drazen, Warner Bros./Idea Place
Amanda Edwards, The Ant Farm
Scott Edwards, Crew Creative Advertising
Justin Edwards, The Weinstein Co.
Richard Eigen, The Weinstein Co.
Ariel Elazar, Varitalk
Jeff Elefterion, Dimension Films
Mike Eller, Crew Creative Advertising
Charlie Emde, New Line Cinema
Guy Endore-Kaiser, Paramont Vantage
Layne P. Eskridge, NBC Universal
Steve Espinoza, Trailer Park
Cheryl Espiritu, BE Design
Barrett Evans, BCI
Kira Evans, Kira Evans Design
Danny Exum, BLT & Associates
Gary Faber, The Weinstein Co.
Andre Fabrizio, Trailer Park
Paul Falcone, Alkemi Entertainment
Jeff Farrow, inSync Advertising
Mike Faulkner, Crew Creative Advertising
Lisa Feldman, Aspect Ratio
Emily Fife, 65 Media
Patrick Figueroa, Project C
Brian Flaherty, WhittmanHart Interactive
Scott Fleisher, Paramount Pictures
Rob Flemming, Real Pie Media
Mark Fox, Giaronomo Prods.
Imoye Francis, Focus Features
Adam Franklin, Crew Creative Advertising
Jim Fredrick, Warner Bros. Pictures
Shyama Friedenson, Paramont Vantage
Peter Frintrup, mOcean
Tim Frost, Focus Features
Dave Fruchbom, Ignition Creative
John Fu, Lionsgate Entertainment
J.D. Funari, Alkemi Entertainment
David Fuscellaro, 30sixty Advertising + Design
Marcos Gabriel, Toy Box Entertainment
Noah Gallico, NBC Universal
Todd Gallopo, Meat and Potatoes
Chris Gallopoli, Shoolery Design
Sean Garcia, BE Design
Nicole Gardner, Mojo
Bernadette Gaw, Intralink Film Graphic Design
Christopher Gee, Gas Station Zebra
Mark Geller, Paramont Vantage
Mike George, 20th Century Fox
Jackson George, Overture Films
Peter Giannascoli, Paramount Pictures
Lucca Giannettoni, Trailer Park
Chris Gibbin, WhittmanHart Interactive
Drew Giordano, Warner Bros. Pictures
Rob Glowacki, Mob Scene
Steven Gold, BLT & Associates
Derek Goldberg, Varitalk
Scott Goldman, mOcean
Nancy Goliger, Paramount Pictures
Michael Golob, Intralink Film Graphic Design
Eloise Gomez, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Jesse Goodwin, Seismic Prods.
David Gordon, The Weinstein Co.
Carrie Gormley, Create Advertising
Matt Goshman, Evoke
Mandy Gough, Fluent Advertising
Joe Graceffo, Giaronomo Prods.
Tom Grane, Mob Scene
Chris Grasso, Flyer Entertainment
Kenny Gravillis, Gravillis
Jon Green, Big Boss Creative
Jeremy Green, Cimarron Group
Jamie Green, Neoganda
Helen Greene, Create Advertising
Josh Greenstein, Paramount Pictures
Robin Greer, Walt Disney Studios
Jason Groff, Mob Scene
Stefan Grube, Paramont Vantage
Stephen Grzymala, Acme Trailer Co.
Craig Hale, Paramount Home Entertaiment
Sheila Han, Paramont Vantage
Belva Haney, NBC Universal
Russell Harnden III, Toy Box Entertainment
Van Harrell, Cimarron Group
Steve Harris, Aspect Ratio
Courtney Harris, Lionsgate Entertainment
Lee Harry, Buddha Jones
Karen Hartland, BLT & Associates
Hilary Hattenbach, 20th Century Fox
Cindy Hauser, The Ant Farm
Christopher Hawkins, The Cimarron Group
Michael Hawley, Project C
Jeff Hayne, BCI
Tim Heindl, 20th Century Fox
Chris Hepburn, Happy Hour Creative
Ryan Hicks, Anchor Bay Entertainment
Gregg Higgins, Craig Murray Prods.
Scott Hill, Ted. Perez. & Associates
Julian Hills, The Ant Farm
Luise Hollowell, Ignition Creative
Darrin Hong, Ignition Creative
Russ Honican, mOcean
Chris Hover, Toy Box Entertainment
Fong Huang, BE Design
Cory Hubbard, Big Boss Creative
Annette Hughes, Crew Creative Advertising
Steve Hull, Craig Murray Prods.
Holly Hung, Mojo
Greg Huntoon, Real Pie Media
Chad Hutchinson, Bemis Balkind Partners
John Ibsen, Intralink Film
David Ikeda, Ignition Creative
Dimitry Ioffe, The Visionaire Group
Alan Ireland, Craig Murray Prods.
Melissa Irwin, Greenlight Designs
Gregg Jachens, Workshop Creative
Michelle Jackino, Warner Bros. Pictures
Sherri Jacobsen, Craig Murray Prods.
Charles Jeffrey, Terry Hines & Associates
Mark Johns, The Cimarron Group
Aura Johnson, Aspect Ratio
Jeff Johnson, Big Boss Creative
Heather Johnson, Crew Creative Advertising
Joel Johnston, Trailer Park
Michael Jones, New Line Cinema
Alyson Jones, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Melissa Jubinville, Create Advertising
Amanda Kaay, Dustin W Design
David Kaminow, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Robert Kandefer, Cold Open
Jeremy Kaplan, Trailer Park
Spencer Kaplan, The Weinstein Co.
Robin Kapustin, Real Pie Media
Nana Kashani, Starz
Kazadi Katambwa, Intralink Film
Ryan Kay, Workshop Creative
Jeremy Keeler, mOcean
Morgan Keep, Topo Studio
Derek Kempinsky, Bemis Balkind Partners
Stacy Kennedy, inSync Advertising
Kevin Kerr, Terry Hines & Associates
Lynelle Kerstine, New Line Cinema
Kristi Kilday, KO Creative
Nancy Kim, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Justin King-Hall, Aspect Ratio
Anna Kirby, Palisades Interactive
Mr. Martin Kistler, Ignition Creative
Samantha Kolker, Paramount Vantage
Ricky Kovac, Neoganda
Jeff Krelitz, Trac 2 media
Cassandra Krul, Intralink Film
Kathy Kuchta, Craig Murray Prods.
Josh Lee Kwai, NBC Universal
Renee Kyriazis, Canyon Design Group
Jay La Rosa, Bemis Balkind Partners
Krystle LaFond, Buddha Jones
Danielle LaFortune, New Wave Creative
Ryan Lake, MGM
Julianne Lamarche, Crew Creative Advertising
Garret Lambert, Mob Scene
Gloria LaMont, Skipfilm
Par Larsson, 30sixty Advertising + Design
Steve Lau, Flyer Entertainment
Trange Le, Shoolery Design
Jennifer Lee, Ignition Creative
Alison Lee, Lionsgate Entertainment
Ralf Leeb, Mark Woollen & Associates
Alison Lehrer, Paramount Vantage
Isaac Leicht, The Weinstein Co.
Andy Lerma, New Wave Creative
Jonah Levine, Neoganda
Jules Levy, Insync Advertising
Steve Lewis, Buddha Jones
Aric Lewis, Workshop Creative
Matt Lian, KO Creative
Kris Lichtart, NBC Universal
David Ligorner, Aspect Ratio
T. Lim, 65 Media
Jeff Lin, The Visionaire Group
Katy Lind, Lionsgate Entertainment
Jason Lindeman, Ignition Creative
Tima Link, Real Pie Media
Douglas Lloyd, Lionsgate Entertainment
John Long, Buddha Jones
Susanne Longo, Bemis Balkind Partners
Mark Lowrie, Craig Murray Prods.
John Lucanic, mOcean
Peter Lung, Shoolery Design
James Macaroni Jr., Neesta
Adam Mack, Seismic Prods.
Cliff MacMillian, BCI
Tom Magazeno, WhittmanHart Interactive
Tami Mahnken, Greenlight Designs
Paul Main, Cold Open
Dianna Mannheim, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Hleb Marholin, 65 Media
Devin Marra, Craig Murray Prods.
David Martel, NBC Universal
Victor Martin, Dawn Patrol
Tom Martin, Martin Art Direction
Brandon Martin, Works
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