Khan target of jokes in 'Peepli' ads

'Idiots' star takes licks to promote new film

MUMBAI -- Aamir Khan is having a laugh at his own expense. Promotional campaigns for his next domestic production "Peepli Live," a satire on the urban-rural divide, poke fun at the Bollywood actor.

The 45-year-old Khan has conceptualized a series of promos for the film, one of which involves a television reporter making fun of the actor for attempting to make "Peepli Live," saying "you can't make a 'Lagaan' every time."

"The idea of the promo was to introduce the characters of the film in a funny way and I thought if we are making fun of people why not start with myself," Khan told reporters.

"Peepli Live," made on a budget of around 100 million rupees (US$2.2 million), is a satire based on two peasants whose plans to commit suicide brings a huge media circus to a small village.

The film stars a host of theatre actors including Raghubir Yadav.

"For all those who think this is a film on farmers' suicides, I want to state categorically that it isn't," said director Anusha Rizvi.

"It is a look at the way global India is struggling with local India and the dichotomy between the two, which is an issue no one cares about."

"Peepli Live" has already done the rounds of the film festival circuit, including at Sundance, and opens in Indian cinemas on August 13.