Khloe Kardashian Denies 'Bachelor' Creator's Claims She's Starring on Next 'Bachelorette'

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Amid Kardashian's recent split with Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson, the reality star is denying claims she's being considered to be the next 'Bachelorette.'

The reality star and her family exchanged a war of words with ‘Bachelor’ creator Mike Fleiss over Twitter Saturday after he claimed he is in talks to cast Kardashian for the leading role next season.

Khloe Kardashian will not be starring on the next season of The Bachelorette, and she made sure to inform Bachelor creator of that during an exchange of words on Twitter Saturday. 

Amid news of Kardashian ending her relationship with Tristan Thompson, Mike Fleiss tweeted that he is in contact with Kris Jenner regarding Kardashian potentially taking on the leading role next season.

"I have already been in contact with my dear friend @KrisJenner about @khloekardashian as #TheBachelorette. Stay Tuned," he tweeted. Kardashian’s sister Kim later addressed the tweet, describing Fleiss’s claim as "Fake fucking news big time." 

A war of words then began between the reality star and reality television curator, with Fleiss quipping: "How would @KimKardashian know??? This is between me and @KrisJenner— and most importantly @khloekardashian!!!" 

In response, Kardashian shared a screenshot of her text messages to both Khloe and Jenner, inquiring about Fleiss’s claim.

"Eww I mean put some respect on my name," Kardashian is shown texting her sister, whereas Jenner simply said “no” when asked whether she is discussing her daughter starring on the next season. 

Khloe then addressed Fleiss directly in a tweet, warning him to stop using her as "clickbait" and warned that he will be hearing from her lawyers should he continue making inaccurate claims.  

"I’m not fucking clickbait right now. Stop or you will be hearing from my lawyers. How insensitive," she wrote, with Fleiss explaining that he was simply trying to help her "find true love."

Fleiss later made fun of his exchange of words with the Kardashians, stating that it just means they'll "look elsewhere."