'Khloe and Lamar' Premiere: Khloe Kardashian Installs a Sex Swing and Breaks It (Video)

The couple's E! reality show got off to a bad start when Khloe's attempts to revive their love life falls flat.

Khloe Kardashian thinks she knows how to keep her husband Lamar Odom happy. After Odom seemed disinterested in their love life due to the NBA lockout last November, Khloe devised ways to get his amorous attention.

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In the second season premiere of her E! spin-off series, Khloe & Lamar, she tried to create a 'sexual chamber of love' to keep her man aroused. But her installation of a sex swing over their marital bed failed miserably. Yes, the cameras were rolling...

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On the show, she confides: 'Our relationship is phenomenal. We're so in love with each other; he makes me feel so confident and sexy.'But she bemoans the onset of marital boredom: "I don't see why there has to be an ending to the honeymoon phase, so I'm always trying to keep [our relationship] spicy and new." 

But then the sex swing collapses and pulls bits of the the ceiling down on the couple. She complains: "It's so much work to be a sexual person!"

Later she shows him all the sex toys and satisfaction fulfillment treats she's purchased (body frosting, duct tape). Lamar comments "I haven’t seen this many sex toys since college," before telling Khloe that he's just too tired to play.

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Where does Khloe go from sex toys and celling swings? Let's hope she doesn't stage her own Victoria's Secret lingerie fashion show...

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