Kick Film scores $1.1 mil for 'Goodbye Tibet'

'Nanga Parbat' also gets subsidy from fund body

BERLIN -- Munich-based producer Kick Film on Thursday scored a 700,000 euro ($1.1 million) subsidy from local funding body Film Fernseh Fonds Bayern for "Flucht aus Tibet" (Goodbye Tibet), loosely based on the real-life story of a female photojournalist who led a trek of Tibetan refugees across the border.

Jorg Bundschuh will produce for Kick Film, with Zurich-based Snakefilm on board as a co-producer. Franka Potente and Dorka Gryllus are set to star, with Maria Blumencon writing and directing.

Another FFF subsidy went to Perathon Film for Josef Vilsmaier's "Nanga Parbat," the true story of climbers Reinhold and Gunther Messner's 1970 climb of the famed mountain. Only Reinhold returned and has since been dogged by accusations of abandoning his brother, which he denies. FFF allocated 300,000 euros ($473,000) to the drama starring Florian Bruckner and Karl Markovics.

Total funding for this round by FFF and the Bayrische Bankenfond was 6.3 million euros ($9.9 million), with 2.6 million euros ($4.1 million) split among five features.