Kickstarter Founders Address Critics of Zach Braff, 'Veronica Mars' Projects

Zach Braff, "Veronica Mars"

The crowd funding website says that interest in celebrity-backed projects spurs pledges to others.

Should celebrities like Zach Braff be using Kickstarter? Braff thinks so. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, so does Kickstarter -- which also has much to gain from million dollar pledge funds.

In a post on the crowd funding site, co-founders Yancey Strickler, Perry Chen and Charles Adler explain how projects like Braff's $2 million Wish I Was Here film and Rob Thomas' $5.7 million Veronica Mars movie can be good for everyone else. Their reasoning: Celebrity projects drive more people to contribute to other Kickstarter dreams.

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"The Veronica Mars and Zach Braff projects have brought tens of thousands of new people to Kickstarter," the post states.

The co-founders add that the majority of people donating to the celeb-backed ventures were new to the site. "Sixty-three percent of those people had never backed a project before. Thousands of them have since gone on to back other projects, with more than $400,000 pledged to 2,200 projects so far. Nearly 40 percent of that has gone to other film projects," they explained. 

The logic that celebrities spur giving was also used by the Garden State filmmaker.

When Braff addressed critics in last week's interview with The Hollywood Reporter's Kim Masters for KCRW radio, he dismissed the idea that Wish I Was Here takes away from other projects. 

"My brain has trouble with the logic of saying I'm taking money away from another Kickstarter project if I'm bringing people that didn't even know about Kickstarter to begin with," Braff explained.

He also noted: "A lot of [backers] are finding out about this awesome concept for the very first time, and I’m introducing them to the paradigm. And I think that there’s something to be said for that."