"Kid Letters" Asks Jimmy Fallon to Dance on His Desk, He Obliges (Video)

Jimmy Fallon Dances on Desk - H 2015

See the latest "Kid Letters" segment of 'The Tonight Show.'

Jimmy Fallon had another installment of the adorable "Kid Letters" segment on The Tonight Show last night. Fallon read the latest batch of "real letters from real kids," which included an inquiry about Questlove's comb, a revelation that a 90-year-old grandmother has a crush on Fallon and a dare to get Fallon to dance on the top of his desk.

The dare came with a bit of fun-shaming too. If Fallon resisted, the audience was instructed to yell "You're not cool" at him until he gave in. It's Fallon so he obviously danced on the desk, but not before pretending he wasn't going to which resulted in the child's instructions being carried out to their fullest potential.