Kid Rock ventures into digital

Musician signs exclusive four-month deal with Rhapsody

Denver -- Kid Rock has ended his long holdout from making music available to digital music services, granting Rhapsody a four-month exclusive on his catalog.

Kid Rock's music on Rhapsody is available for DRM-free purchase as full albums only, while individual songs can be downloaded only under the subscription plan or streamed via the service's offer of 25 free songs a month.

Rock has been a vocal advocate of keeping music available only as full albums, which is the root cause of his music's absence from the iTunes Store. Apple insists on selling all music as both albums and as singles.

After Rhapsody's exclusive ends, expect Rock's music to appear on additional services, with the caveat that any making it available must do so as a full-album sale only.

The lack of Kid Rock music on iTunes has led to two cover versions of his hit single, "All Summer Long," both of which have posted respectable sales numbers. Hit Masters' version has sold more than 267,000 downloads, according to Nielsen SoundScan, while Rock Heroes' take on it has shifted 137,000.