Andy Serkis' Son Is a Modern King Arthur in 'The Kid Who Would Be King' Trailer

Louis Ashbourne Serkis is following in his father's fantastical footsteps.

His father might be one of Hollywood's best-known character actors, but in his new film The Kid Who Would Be King, Louis Ashbourne Serkis steps out on his own as a leading man.

The newly released trailer for the 20th Century Fox fantasy film, which dropped Wednesday, stars Louis Ashbourne as Alex, a 12-year-old schoolboy who discovers and removes King Arthur's sword in the stone in 2018. By retrieving the sacred weapon, Alex solidifies his legacy as the hero who will defeat the evil Morgana, played by Mission Impossible's Rebecca Ferguson, and thwart her sinister plot for world domination.

"I’m supposed to stop her?" Alex asks a teenaged Merlin in the trailer. "That’s ridiculous. I’m 12."

In order to take on the medieval monster, Alex enlists a team of kids as backup for his main squad of friends as they prepare for battle, strapping armor on top of their school sweatshirts. "The five of us won’t stand a chance on our own," Alex tells young Merlin and his friends. "We need to raise an army."

The Kid Who Would Be King, which hits theaters on March 1, 2019, also stars Patrick Stewart, Dean Chaumoo, Tom Taylor, Rhianna Dorris and Angus Imrie and is directed by Joe Cornish.