Halle Berry Talks Power of Moms at 'Kidnap' Premiere

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The Oscar-winner was given a "Best Mother" award from her onscreen son at the Arclight Cinema event for her latest film.

The plot of Halle Berry’s newest film, Kidnap, is any mother’s worst nightmare. When her son gets abducted, Berry’s character embarks on an unrelenting, nerve-racking chase after his kidnappers, vowing that she won’t stop until she is reunited with her son.

But at the Hollywood premiere of the film, the director and stars of Kidnap told The Hollywood Reporter that they hoped the film would empower mothers, rather than scare them.

Sage Correa, who plays Berry’s son in the film, presented Berry with a faux Oscar statuette decorated with the words "Best Mother," which she held on to as she walked the red carpet.

Berry, a mother of two kids herself, spoke to THR about how she used her real-life maternal instincts to inform her acting.

“I felt just like every mom who sees this movie will feel: Your heart’s going to be pounding, you’re going to be scared to death, you’re going to think, ‘Oh my God, if this really happened to me what would I do?’”

Director Luis Prieto said he was drawn to the script because of the fact that it featured a mother as the protagonist.

“This movie is an homage to all of the mothers in the world," he said. "We’ve all heard stories of mothers lifting cars to rescue their kids, because that’s what mothers are: They’re heroes. They will do anything to protect their kids. But we never get to see movies about that.”

Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Berry’s producing partner, praised the power of the ordinary woman.

“[This movie] makes the every woman the superhero. In an age where there are all of these male superheroes, it empowers the mom," Goldsmith-Thomas said. "You want to see a mom become a superhero? Take away her kid and she becomes ferocious.”

Before the film started, Berry told a crowd of cheering fans: "This is a film made for everyone, but women: This is your night! We get to see men save the day all the time but you know what ladies? We can, too."